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    Fully editable business websites for only $800

    Included in the package:

    • Fully editable database driven website
    • Up to 5 pages
    • Powerful content management system
    • Domain name plus1 free email address with domain
    • Free local Sunshine Coast directory listing
    • Site submitted to Google for indexing
    • Google Analytics
    For more details please call 07 5485 4324

    Sunshine Coast Websites

    In the past, the costs and technical know-how associated with updating a website made content-managed websites out-of-reach for most individuals and businesses. Many businesses opted for 'static' sites that had to be updated manually. These sites either grew increasingly expensive as updates were passed back and forth between developer and client, or slowly became more and more outdated with neglect.

    A website that contains outdated or incorrect information is, in many ways, worse than having no website at all. If you are running a business, then you'll understand how misinformation can undermine customer confidence in your brand. In today's competitive market, brand perception is paramount, and dispensing correct information is crucial.

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